Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kuch dil ne kaha...kuch bhi naheen

My father had a big collection of old Hindi songs cassettes. There were many cassettes of Lata Mangeshkar's songs also. "Hits of Lata Vol 1, 2...", "Sad songs of Lata", "Romantic hits of Lata"... By the age of 9, I was aware of almost all the famous songs of Lata. There was one song "Dheere dheere machal" from the movie Anupama. I liked that song very much. Those days, neither there was TV at home, nor the computer/internet. Later, in my college days I happened to see the movie "Anupama" in a TV channel. It was such a beautiful movie. There was another amazingly melodious song "Kuch dil ne kaha..." in that movie. Somehow it had missed to appear in all the Lata's cassettes I knew. The song's picturization is beautiful, the song is melodious, Sharmila Tagore is elegance personified. Kaifi Azmi's words, Hemant Kumar's music and Lata's voice will take us to some dream land. I had come across an article about this movie in a news paper. As per that, Lata had severe cold during the song recordings of "Anupama", she was not at all comfortable to sing any song. But Hemant Kumar was not ready to take any excuses and he was very confident that Lata could really sing well, in spite of cold.

After listening to this song we can never imagine that Lata's voice was at its worst when she sang this!

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Sujatha Sathya said...

this was a revelation ... i mean the thing that on that day she was not well and this song might have been her worst